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Full Paper

Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be kindly requested to submit the 4 page full paper from beginning of March till August 30, 2018. (Full paper form of each journal will be announced soon.) Selected papers will be published in SCI/SCIE journals after peer review.

International Journal of
Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

Guide for author
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Archives of Metallurgy
and Materials

Manuscript Submission & Instructions
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Applied Surface Science

Guide for author

International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials Archives of Metallurgy and Materials Applied Surface Science
ISSN: 0263-4368 ISSN: 1733-3490(Print)
ISSN: 2300-1909(Online)
ISSN: 0169-4332
SCIE (I.F. 2.155) SCIE (I.F. 0.571) SCI (I.F. 3.387)
Detailed Information for Each Journal
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (IJRMHM)
  • IJRMHM publishes original research articles concerned with all aspects of;
    1. Refractory metals that are defined as metals with melting points higher than 1800 °C and hard materials.
    2. Hard materials that are included in the scope of this journal are defined as materials with hardness values higher than 1000 kg/mm2, primarily intended for applications as manufacturing tools or wear resistant components in mechanical systems.
  • The paper will be strictly screened by the editor-in-chief of IJRMHM to ensure that it fits the journal’s aims & scope.
  • Submission
    Submission link: https://www.evise.com/profile/#/IJRMHM/login
    First-time user will need to register first;
    Please select special issue short title “VSI: ISNNM-2018” during submission process;
    Please follow the step-by-step guide in completing the submission process;
    Submission deadline: November 15, 2018
  • For more information including the guide for authors, please refer to the journal homepage: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/international-journal-of-refractory-metals-and-hard-materials
Applied Surface Science (ASS)
  • The journal is concerned with scientific research on the atomic and molecular level of material properties determined with specific surface analytical techniques and/or computational methods, as well as the processing of such structures.
  • Submission of paper :
    (Click “Submit Your Paper”, Choose Article Type; “VSI: 15th ISNNM-2018”)
  • Submission deadline :
    September 15, 2018, the date by which all papers should be submitted to the Guest Editors for review and the EES submission site will be closed.

An article must not exceed 2000 words excluding figures, tables, figure and table captions, abstract, title, author list, references and acknowledgements.
When equations are used, each equation should be counted as 20 words.
There is a strict four-page limit to printed articles. Manuscripts must not exceed 2000 words plus three figures and one table.
The maximum number of figures is strictly limited to five. If the maximum of 4 figures is used, then the total number of words must be reduced to 1800.
If the maximum of 5 figures is used, then the total number of words must be reduced to 1600. If more than 5 figures are used, the manuscript will be rejected.

Archives of Metallurgy and Material(AMM)