ISNNM-2018 Awards” will be given to outstanding papers presented at the conference for following categories.

Höganäs Korea Best Student Presentation Award
Poongsan Best Presentation Award
Changsung Best Student Presentation Award
Shinhan Diamond Best Presentation Award
Best Presentation Award


Poongsan Best Presentation Awards

  • Hak-Sung Lee, Kwonil Kim, Eun-ah Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang, Ji-Hun Yu (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “Characterization of Defects in 3D Printed Titanium Parts”
  • Geon-Hyoung An, Jung Inn Sohn, Seung Nam Cha (University of Oxford)
    “Novel Design of Nanoporous Materials for Next-generation Energy Storage”

Chang Sung Best Student Presentation Award

  • Youngmin Cho, Gu Hyun Gwon, Giseung Lee, Soo Hyung Kim, Kyung Tae Kim (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “Effect of Edge-Oxidized-Graphene on the Improved Power Factors of (Bi,Sb)2Te3 Thermoelectric Film”
  • Manoj Kumar Pal ,Gréta Gergely, Dániel Koncz-Horváth, Zoltán Gácsi (University of Miskolc)
    “Influence of Ceramic Nanoparticles on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of SAC305 & SAC405”

Höganäs Korea Best Student Presentation Award

  • Eun Byeol Choi, Jong-Hyun Lee (Seoul National Univesity of Technology and Science)
    “Ag Dewetting Behavior in an Ag-coated Cu Particle with Thick Ag Shells”
  • Tae-Hoon Kang, Kyu-Sik Kim, Man-Ho Park, Kee-Ahn Lee (Inha University)
    “High Temperature Random Stack Creep Property of Ni-Cr-Al based Powder Porous Metal”

Shinhan Diamond Awards

  • Tamás Csanádi, Juri Wehrs, Ján Dusza , Johann Michler (Institute of Materials Research – Slovak Academy of Sciences)
    “Anisotropic Deformation Behaviour of ZrB2 Ceramic Grains During In-Situ Micropillar Compression up to 500“
  • Sang-Hoon Choi, Jae-Jin Sim, Hyun-Gyu Lee, Kyoung-Deok Seo, Dong-Wook Kim, Soong-Keun Hyun, Kyoung-Tae Park (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Combustion Synthesis Based Direct Reduction of TiO2 to Spherical Ti powder”

Best Presentation Awards

  • Seung-Jin Oh, In-Jin Shon, Seok-Jae Lee (Chonbuk National University)
    “Strain-Induced Martensite Transformation Behavior of Nano Crystalline Fe-based Alloy Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering”
  • Tamas Miko, David Adam Angel, Zoltan Gácsi (University of Miskolc)
    “Characterization of Rutile Reinforced Titanium Composite Produced Cryomilling and Hot-pressing ”
  • Mirae Youm, YunSun Gil, Park Sang Whan, Choi Sung Churl (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
    “Fabrication of Meso-macro Porous β-SiC Sintered Body ”
  • Eun Ju Jeon, Yong-Ho Choa, Jimin Lee, Da-Woon Jeong, Bin Lee, Bum Sung Kim (Hanyang University / Korea Institute of Industrial technology)
    “Synthesis of Electrospun Submicron-Sized Nd-Fe-B Fibers “

Best Presentation Awards (Poster)

  • D. Koncz-Horváth, G. Gergely, Z. Gyökér, Z. Gácsi (University of Miskolc)
    “Reliability Examinations of SiC Reinforced Lead Free Solder Materials”
  • Ivan Shepa, Erika Mudra, Marek Vojtko, Jan Dusza (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
    “Influence of the Polymer Precursor Blend Composition on the Morphology of the Electrospun oxide Ceramic Fibers “
  • Hyunji Kang, Ju-Yeon Han, Jong Kwan Park, Sung-Tag Oh (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Fabrication and Microstructure of Ni-based Superalloy with Y2O3 Dispersion by High Energy Ball Milling and Polymer Solution Route“
  • Andrej Oriňak,R.Oriňaková, R.Gorejová, M.Kupková, M. Hrubovčáková (P.J. Šafárik University)
    Corrosion Behaviour of Open Cell Iron-based Biomaterials for Bone Repair Applications
  • Byungjoo Choi, Gwangjae Lee, Moon Gu Lee, Yongho Jeon (Ajou University)
    “Microstructural Analysis of Asymmetric Dilution by Rotating Direct Metal Deposition “
  • Min-Jin Lee, Kyoung-Jin Lee, Jae-Hwa Shin, Haejin Hwan (Inha University)
    “High Temperature Water Electrolysis Combined with a Methane Partial Oxidation
    Using a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell“
  • Seung-Yong Yang, Jeoung Han Kim (Korea University of Technology and Education)
    “Cellular Automata Simulation of Grain Nucleation and Growth during Dynamic Recrystallization”
  • Byoung Yong Im, YuBin Kang, ChanGi Lee, HanGoo Kim, SeongWoo Kim, Kwang Hoon Park, Dae Guen Kim (Institute for Advenced Engineering)
    “Study on Die-casting Aluminum Alloys for High Efficiency Heat-radiating Components “
  • Hyo-Ryoung Lim, Nu SiA Eom, Seil Kim, Yoseb Song, Hong-baek Cho, Yong-Ho Choa (Hanyang University)
    “Hydrophilic/hydrophobic Properties of Shape-controlled Nanostructured Aluminum on Silicon Wafer”
  • Gi-Su Ham, Kyu-Sik Kim, Kee-Ahn Lee (Inha University)
    “Manufacturing and Wear Properties of SiC Coating Layer on Zr Alloy Fabricated by Aerosol Deposition Process”
  • P. S. Grinchuk, D. V. Solovei, M. V. Kiyashko, M. O. Stepkin, A. V. Akulich,
    H. M. Abuhimd, M. S. Alshahrani
    (A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute)
    “Formation of the Silicon Carbide Nanographite Ceramic Matrix Composite “
  • Seunggeun Jeon, Wonkyu Jang, Taehoon Kim, Sangbok Lee, KiHyeon Kim (Yeungnam University)
    “Microwave Absorption Properties of the Graphene Oxide Capsulated Carbonyl Iron Particles “
  • Ji-Seub Choi, Hoi-Jin Lee, Jai-Won Byeon, Ki-Won Kim, Jou-Hyeon Ahn, Kwon-Koo Cho (Gyeongsang national University)
    “Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Sn/C Nanoparticles with Various Carbon Coating Thickness prepared by Pulsed Wire Explosion”
  • Seungmin Lee, Kwang Sup Eom (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST))
    “A Highly Stable Tellurium-Sulfide Impregnated Carbon Composite by HEBM for High-Capacity Li- Chalcogen Battery”

  • J. K. Lee, M. W. Lee, H. J. Kim, T. S. Jang (SunMoon University)
    “Coercivity of a NdFeB Sintered Magnet Grain-boundary-diffusion (GBD) Processed via Solid State Contact”
  • Juyeon Yoo, So Yeong Joo, Jin-Ho Yoon, Hojin Ryu, Jae-Hong Lim, Kun-Jae Lee (Dankook University)
    “Selective Silver Recovery and Morphology Control from the Waste Resources”
  • Sang-Seok Lee, Ji-Soo Lim, Il-Kyu Park (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “BixSb2-xTe3-based anocomposites for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion”
  • Raihan Rumman ,Jamie S. Quinton, Lee Chang Chuan, Reza Ghomashchi (Flinders University)
    “Understanding the Potential of Microwave Sintering on WC – Co “
  • Dong-Ha Kim, Dong-Yo Shin, Young-Geun Lee, Geon-Hyoung An, Jeong Hwan Han, Hyo-Jin Ahn, Byung Joon Choi (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Effects of SnO2 Layer Coated on Carbon Nanofiber for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction “
  • Sangmin Shin, Hyeonjea Park, Il guk Jo, Seungchan Cho, Snag-Kwan Lee, Yangdo Kim, Sang-Bok Lee (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “High Temperature Mechanical Properties of B4C/Al7075 Metal Matrix Composites”
  • Won June Choi, Seung Yeong Lee, Chun Woong Park, Jong Min Byun, Young Do Kim (Hanyang University)
    “Effect of the Titanium Addition on Mechanical Properties in Mo-Si-B Alloys “
  • Goo Won Noh,Hwi-Jun Kim, Jong Kwan Kim, Young Do Kim (Korea institute of industrial technology)
    “Effect of Precipitates and Oxide Dispersoids on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of ODS Ni based Super Alloys”
  • A-Young Lee, Song Yi Kim, Young Do Kim, Min-Ha Lee (Korea institute of industrial technology)
    “The Effect of Refractory (Hf, Zr) and Metalloid (Ge, Si) Elements on the Magnetocaloric
    Property of Mn- based Alloys”


ISNNM-2016 Young Scientist Awards List
  • Aleksandra Dubiel (AGH University of Science and Technology)
    “Silicon nitride – titanium nitride particulate composites with small amounts of GPLs particles”
  • Dusan Nemeth (Institute of Materials Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences)
    “The Effect of Tip bluntness on Hardness and Modulus Depth Profiles of W-C/Steel Coated System Obtained by Nanoindentation and FEM Simulation”
  • Greta Gergely (Institute of Physical Metallurgy Metalforming and Nanotechnology)
    “Development of crack detection method with a help of 2D generated 3D reconstructed images in THT solder joints”
  • Jong Min Byun (Hanyang University)
    “Corrosion Resistance

ISNNM-2016 Best Poster Awards List
  • JA. Strojny-Nędza, K. Pietrzak, M. Teodorczyk, M. Basista, W. Węglewski, M. Chmielewski (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences)
    “Influence of material coating on the heat transfer in layered Cu-SiC-Cu systems”
  • JR. Sedlák, J. Balko, P. Rutkowski, A. Kovalčíková, J. Dusza (Institute of Materials Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, AGH University of Science and Technology)
    “Effect of graphene platelets on tribological properties of boron carbide ceramic composites”
  • JDa Hye Kim, Jun Seok Park, Ji Hyun Sung, Sang-Gon Lee, Myeong-Sik Jeong (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Change in Catalytic Property of Bimetallic Nanoparticles by Electron Redistribution”
  • JJin-Pyeong Kim, Si-Young Sung, Se-Hoon Kim, Jae-Hyuck Shin, Beom-Suck Han (Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
    “Mechanical Properties of Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy Reinforced by Solid Solution CoNi”
  • JHyunsu Park, Jae Young Choi, Eun Suok Choi, Woo-Byoung Kim (Dankook University)
    “Enhancement of Interface Property of DSSCs Using Peroxo Titanium Complex for Carbon-Free TiO2 Paste”
  • JDong-Won Shin, Chul-Hee Lee, Eun-Bin Kim, and Soon-Jik Hong (Kongju National University)
    “Evaluation of thermoelectric properties of Bi-Sb-Te alloy depending on the sintering temperature”
  • JJoonsik Lee, Byung Mun Jung, Sang Bok Lee, Sang Kwan Lee, Ki Hyeon Kim (Yeungnam University, Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “FeCoNi coated glass fibers in composite sheets for electromagnetic absorption and shielding behaviors”
  • Jun Jeong Jeon, Godlisten N. Shao, Hee Taik Kim (Hanyang University)
    “Synthesis of mesoporous TiO2-SiO2-SnO2 tricomponent systems and their photocatalytic properties”
  • JSung-Soo Ryu, Hwa-Jun Lee, Woo-Suk Cho, Hyeong-Jun Kim, Hyung-Tae Kim, Wei Pan (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Tsinghua University)
    “Sintering Behavior of AlN ceramics with MgO–CaO–Al2O3–SiO2 Nanoglass Additive”